Services to patients or wounde

• evacuation hospital emergency rooms.
• Transfer of dialysis patients for treatment and back them.
• The transfer of patients to clinics and hospitals reviews or HMOs.
• The transfer of patients between also houses buildings without a lift by lowering the patient / A and / or raise.
• Transfer of patients with restricted movement of ambulances wheelchair bulletin.
• Option doctor accompanied, if necessary, at the request of the family and / or the patient's condition.
• transport the handicapped and restricted movement.
• transferring patients to and from the airport to anywhere in the country, including the arrangement of entry and expense of patient
• ambulances and medical security events
• authorized providers of all HMO Maccabi, Leumit, Clalit, unified
• authorized suppliers of leading medical companies: • Ntl"i • Salvation Springs Medical Center • Nursing homes and more.